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Speed Monitor™
Full Matrix Trailer

- Speed and message display 

- See-through design for 
  pedestrian safety

- Eight-foot height for maximum 

- Folds down for easy towing

- Choice of two-line and 
  three-line version

- Ka-band directional radar

At MPH Industries, we have developed high-end, state-of-the-art products to assist law enforcement agencies, schools, hospitals, airports, and anyone else who needs to control and monitor speed limits, record video evidence, and encourage safe driving.

MPH Industries is a leader in the police traffic radar, LIDAR, speed trailers, and in-car video markets. We manufacture a diverse selection of equipment, including both handheld and moving radars, digital in-car video systems, as well as Speed Monitor speed display signs and Speed Monitor Trailers.

From Our Valued Customers...

Overall, this (Bee III) is the best unit I have ever used. I took it for granted and now I miss it.

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